Horse Riding

Duration: 1 or 2 hours An amazing horse riding experience on your vacation is galloping on the beaches of Laganas and Kalamaki through the valley into the beautiful pine Forrest while seeing the sunset will be overwhelming.

Beach Ride

Swim with the horses experience

Duration: 3 hours We will take you first to the stable and pleasant farm and there with a trainer you will get to know your horse . We will go through the resort of kalamaki through a path with breathtaking views of Laganas gulf and kalamaki beach , leading you to the lsecluded crystal clear beach where you will unsaddle your horse and start to swim with it . A unforgettable experience recommend for children 10 years and and older. Please wear comfortable shoes trainers and suitable clothing for the horse riding.

Swim With The Horses Experience
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Duration: 20 minutes all watersports
Zakinthos is also known for its extreme activities. Especially for all the beachgoers Its a paradise. The long sandy beach of vasilikos with its crystal one waters is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and provides and ideal setting for a variety of fun and adventure. For all watersports fanatics, the majestic deep blue Sea has a lot to offer. There are a number of things to do like jetski , jet pack , paragliding and more but the ones that you should have on your bucket list are Adventurous watersports. So get set to experience the thrill and adventure with us and go back home with a remarkable experience that will keep bringing you back as you can never get enough.
  • Jet ski single 55€ per person
  • Jetski double 70€ for both
  • Paraglide single 70€ per person
  • Paraglide double 90€ for both
  • Flyboard 90€ per person
  • Jet pack 90€ per person
  • Waterski 60€ per person
  • Banana boat 20€ per person
  • Crazy ufo 20€ per person
*Use luxury island events coupon and we will give you a free canoe for an hour.


Scuba Diving

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Minimum age 10 yrs and older is recommended

If you’ ve never tried scuba diving then come and explore the emerald green of the sea and the magnificent underwater world of zakinthos . The diving center provides all the equipment and explains how everything works. You’ll will get to explore the amazing underwater world and see the marine life. Swim inside the caves and explore the array of beautiful colors of the soft corals in the underwater.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world’s biggest and best known diving organization.

  • There is a 20 minute dive briefing.
  • The diving starts in very shallow water (1m of depth) and when ready we gradually go deeper up to 10m maximum depth.
  • The diving center uses diving boats where people are comfortable and safe.
  • Every trial -dive lasts 25 to 30 minutes.

Excellent dive sites up to a depth of 6 meters under the supervision of an instructor, enabling try divers to put their new skills into practice while experiencing the real underwater world and swimming alongside fish for the first time. The diving center can take underwater photos and video of your diving and all the amazing moments you had diving. Prices are fully inclusive of full equipment hire, dives, and free transport.

Things to remember:

  • All the instructors are certified by PADI.
  • Pregnant are not allowed to dive.
  • People with health problems (e.g. heart condition, asthma, ) are not allowed to dive.

Scuba diving in Zakinthos is a must-do on everyone’s adventure bucket list!

The marine life on the Island is mostly about turtles, flying fish, octopus, eels, and parrotfish and marine mammals . You can swim right along with these glorious creatures. Diving in Greece is the right place to go for both beginner and experienced divers due to the area’s reduced currents and clear waters.


Duration: 4-5 hours
Participants must be qualified scuba divers of PADI Open Water level or equivalent. For certified divers with and half-day trips consisting of 2 dives on 2 different sites in the beautiful Keri Caves area of the Laganas Marine Reserve. The dive sites are located around the Keri peninsula, which is a limestone area with some amazing underwater topography, including, walls, reefs, caves, caverns, drop-offs to 100+m, and underwater arches!


Duration: 2-3 hours
You have both options when a friend of yours is scuba diving in Zakinthos and you want to do something not adventurous You can you also snorkel around with us in any deep waters , where the dive Sites are but you can also experience the caves diving more interesting by following them . If you look beneath the surface—literally—you’ll find yet another reason to fall in love with this Greek island… Whether you’re interested in exploring a cave or taking in the wonders of an underwater world. We have got you covered. Price includes snorkeling kit


Duration: 3 hours
The trial diving course is around 3 hours involves a lecture given by an instructor on how scuba equipment works and the principles of safe scuba diving. Then some basic skills are taught in the use of the scuba equipment in shallow water. Finally, a real open water dive is made on one of our excellent dive sites up to a depth of 6 meters under the supervision of an instructor, enabling try divers to put their new skills into practice while experiencing the real underwater world and swimming alongside fish for the first time.


Scuba Diving

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