Protogon Black Diamond Yacht

Another unforgettable cruise that will take you in a blink of an eye to all the amazing secret locations and hidden gems. swim in the blue waters, relax in the sun and create memories of a lifetime Don’t settle for anything less than magic and luxury.

Yacht Details:

  • Overall Length 5.95 m
  • Max Speed Range 35-50 kts
  • Passengers 8

Whats included in this tour:

  • Drinks: water & soft drinks & Champagne & Wine & beer 5.95 m
  • Sitting / Dinning Area 35-50 kts
  • Crew (Captain)
  • VAT & Mooringcost
  • Fuel Cost

Duration: 9.00-14.00, 5 hours

Explore, admire, take impressive photos swim in the emerald blue waters and beautiful caves on Southwest part of Zakynthos. We depart From Agios sostis port and head towards the unique cameo island . And amazing picturesque island with white flowing curtains. Our next destination is to go and search for the Caretta Caretta (turtle) . After we visit the incredible Marathonisi – island ( turtle island ) there you will find the unique sandy beach which is also a nesting area for the sea turtle, Caretta Caretta. Second destination is Keri Caves most of which you can enter by boat due to the deep waters,snorkeling among the incredible caves is a must so bring your snorkeling masks. Next is mizithres beach the amazing blue waters with tiny white pebble stones and huge rock formations will make you endulge in paradise. Return Back.

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